Police defend capitalists in Mexico

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Some bonus good news is included in #10; but the state is fully mobilized to protect
the capitalists in Mexico.

Speaking of global capitalism, does anyone want to help plan a teach-in about the Free
Trade Agreement of the Americas meeting in Quebec, April 19-22? Does anyone want to go?

>>Mexico's Federal Preventive Police (PFP) will have 1,607 agents,
>>110 vehicles and four aircraft to guard a regional meeting of the
>>World Economic Forum (WEF) in Cancun, a beach resort in the
>>southeastern state of Quintana Roo, starting on Feb. 26, PFP
>>Federal Support Forces coordinator Gen. Francisco Arellano
>>Noblecia told the media on Feb. 23. The general said that the PFP
>>was ready for "any scenario," after doing intelligence work and
>>studying videos of protests at similar events around the world.
>>[LJ 2/24/01]
>>The WEF is a 30-year old organization of the world's leading
>>politicians and businesspeople. It is best known for its major
>>annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland, which has been a target for
>>protests by opponents of neoliberal globalization [see Updates
>>#574, 575]. It also holds smaller regional meetings, such as the
>>one in Mexico, the Latin American country with the most
>>representation in the WEF. [Flier from Chiapas posted on ftaa-
>>l at lists.tao.ca 2/9/01] Observers expect the Cancun protests to be
>>relatively small, since Mexican grassroots organizations will be
>>occupied with support for a 14-day march by the rebel Zapatista
>>National Liberation Army (EZLN), which started on Feb. 24 in
>>Chiapas. [ED-LP 2/25/01 from wire services]
>>On Feb. 19 the management of the Kukdong Internacional SA de CV
>>plant in Atlixco in the central Mexican state of Puebla agreed to
>>rehire 39 workers who were fired in the wake of a Jan. 9 work
>>stoppage; the firings drew special attention from US student
>>groups because the Korean-owned factory produces sweatshirts with
>>university logos for the US-based Nike Inc. [see Updates #572,
>>574]. In the presence of observers from Nike, Reebok (another
>>Kukdong client) and the Korean International Solidarity House,
>>management said it would reinstate the workers unconditionally,
>>with their seniority and their original salaries. Five union
>>leaders whose firings led to the work stoppage will also be
>>rehired but not unconditionally: they will be reinstated as
>>operators rather than supervisors and will have to sign
>>individual contracts with the company. [Global Exchange Update
>>On Feb. 19 the federal Conciliation and Arbitration Board (JCA)
>>finally scheduled elections at the US-owned Duro Bag
>>Manufacturing maquiladora (tax-exempt assembly plant producing
>>for export) in Rio Bravo in the northeastern state of Tamaulipas
>>[see Updates 574, 575]. The elections, in which the independent
>>Duro Workers Union will be able to compete against unions
>>affiliated with the centrist Institutional Revolutionary Party
>>(PRI), are to take place during the day shift on company premises
>>on Mar. 2. Workers rights groups held 25 leafleting actions
>>outside outlets for Hallmark Cards, Duro's main customer, in the
>>US, Canada and Mexico in the days leading up to Valentine's Day
>>to push for union elections. The Duro situation also provoked a
>>letter from 42 US Congressmembers and one senator to Mexican
>>president Vicente Fox calling for "a speedy, free, and fair
>>election," and stated that, "acts of retribution and intimidation
>>against [the Duro workers] for attempting to exercise their
>>rights will not be tolerated."
>>Supporters of the independent union question whether the
>>elections will be fair. The US-based Campaign for Labor Rights
>>(CLR) is calling for more actions at Hallmark outlets, and the
>>Coalition for Justice in the Maquiladoras (CJM) is planning a
>>demonstration and press conference at the Duro headquarters in
>>Ludlow, Kentucky (contact DanLaBotz at cs.com for more information).
>>[CLR/Labor Alerts 2/22/01 from CJM]

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