International Adoption and Imperialism

soil_ride soilride at
Mon Feb 26 15:31:02 MST 2001

Thank you for your honest responses.  I have not realized the corruption
behind many international adoption agencies.  All your responses have added
another dimension to it all.  Pretty much, I feel sickened by it, the truth
that is.  Never gave too much thought about what goes on....for most of us,
nothing is ever really told about it.  Adoption Agencies and especially
International Adoption Agencies are very closed to exactly how a child comes
to be in such places.  Their excuse anyways is "It is better this way." The
contents in which I have been given describes the bare minimum of how I came
to be in such a place.

Reading your responses and articles have enlighten me as well as only
intensified my horror about the subject.
If its big business to rip families apart, its also a big business to take
away one's sense of identity and history.

One of the largest and most elusive of imperialist snakes to slither in the
face of the rest of the crying world.

in solidarity

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