Value Theorists at War

Gary Maclennan g.maclennan at
Mon Feb 26 18:02:29 MST 2001

At 12:44 27/02/01 +1300, Phil wrote:
>thanks for posting this.
>it is nice to have some light relief on the list from time to time.
>At first I wasn't sure if this was for real or one of your pisstakes.  But
>I assume it is for real, which makes it even funnier.

I enjoyed it too but I am still not sure it is real.  I still recall the
last time I read through one of Lou's posts on the origins of capitalism or
was it gay culture and I had got right to the end befoe I realised it was
all a hoax.  cruel man!

Anyway I was sorry to hear about Jerry Levy's heart condition, though to be
honest I was not sure he had one.



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