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   With respect, Mr. Xxxxxx, I think this article is
so much nonsense.  Two Serbian engineers who worked in
Kosovo offer little more than anecdotes and very old,
tired, pro-Serbian positions.  Objectively we can say
that the Serbian state, paramilitaries, vigilantes,
and jingoist groups got into trouble with the Croats,
then the Bosnian Muslims, then the Yugoslav Albanians.
 It could be that the problem was with each of those
three groups individually or it could be, at least in
significant measure, that the problem was with the
Serbs. What your article shows to me very clearly is
exactly the kind of Serbian chauvinism and lack of
self-criticism I would expect to hear if the problem
lay with the Serbs.

   I am too new to this list to know whether you are a
Serb or not but I want to say too things.  First, a
Serb - away from the Balkans - is a fine and gentle
citizen in my experience.  I therefore assume that
Serbs are good citizens when in the Balkans too, for
the most part. I will remind you of this second thing,
however: very rarely do those who mistreat people fail
to feel they are themselves aggrieved.  When Hindus
cut the throats of Muslim children before Indian
partition, they felt they themselves were victims.
When Muslim extremists use mortars and bombs against
Indian Hindus in Kashmir today, they do so because
they feel themselves to be victims.   When Tamil Sri
Lankans blow up Singhalese Sri Lankans, they do so out
of a feeling of victimhood and the feeling of
victimhood guides the army's reprisals against the

   I recently saw a picture of a Serbian soldier
kicking a rapidly dying Albanian woman and her two
Albanian neighbors (one a woman) his fellow soldiers
had just shot.  Where does such ungodly hatred come
from?  From an Albanian Kosovo legislature with too
much power?  From World War Two?  From battles with
the Ottoman empire hundreds of years ago?  This
soldier was no more than 20 and a constituent of the
more powerful national majority, kicking a near-dead
woman of the ethnic minority.  I dare say he was not
thinking of legislatures nor of history fifty or five
hundred years old.  I dare say he was thinking that he
hated Albanians and that he desperately wanted to kick
someone.  I dare say as well that he was not thinking
of himself as a brute but as a victim exacting
retribution.  The truth is that he was kicking a dying

   Bosnian Serbs shelled Sarajevo and American planes
bombed Belgrade.  The difference is that Serbs and
Bosnian Muslims have to be separated or they will cut
each others' throats whereas Americans couldn't care
less if there neighbor is a Serb, a Somali, a
Vietnamese or even an Iraqi.  The only people in
America who do violence to a person because he belongs
to a social group are gangsters, bigots and
capitalists.  In some places such people are called
"patriots" and "defenders of the faith", and such
people almost always think of themselves as victims of

   The Albanian community in Europe seems to be rife
with gangsters, bigots and warlords.  So what?
They're outnumbered by decent Albanians 10 to 1 at
least.  If the Serbs fight the 1 and alienate the 10,
they'll never resolve matters.  If they engage the 10,
the 10 will banish the 1.

   Terrible things have been done on all sides.  A
guerilla war continues.  The truth should come out.
But what does truth matter without reconciliation?

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