BBC: Colombian paramilitaries target Hugo Chávez

Tony Abdo aabdo at
Mon Feb 26 19:10:28 MST 2001

The lines are definitely becoming clear.     What more is to be said
when Carlos Castanyo, a mass murderer who is defintely a war criminal
who should be hauled before the Hague Tribunal (or some tribunal) and
tried, operates as official spokesperson for the US State Department.
It is not even most minimally camoflaged.

Here he is, suppporting Plan Colombia's US interventionism, making
references to 'Dr. Colin Powell' (as he calls his fellow thug), and
philosophying about why Colombia is now a regional affair that involves
Venezuela.      No need for exploding cigars here, Carlos will do the
job.     And ALL..... before Studio BBC.

His glib protestations of being the leader of an independent autonomous
political force, free of connections with the Colombian government,
would be comical farce.....    Except that their utterly worthless value
as duplicity, is in itself meant as murderous threat.

Even the most cartoonish portrait of Adolf Hitler, pales beside this
sinister reality of Carlos, The Assassin.       He is a real credit to
Bill Clinton  and The Democratic Party, the people that constructed this
monster for Dubya to use.

What next for Carlos?      Will he receive the Time-Life *Man of The
Year* award?     He certainly isn't currently headed for sharing a cell
with Noriega any time soon.

Tony Abdo
<A BBC interview, in Spanish: Carlos Castaño, head of the Colombian
paramilitaries, targets Hugo Chávez. At the same time, it should be
noted that Chávez has recently appointed José Vicente Rangel, former
Minister of Foreign Relations and an old member of the Venezuelan
guerrilla of Douglas Bravo, as the Minister of Defence. The lines seem
to be becoming clear...>

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