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Dear da Dattam, I understand your concerns. It is very unjust that
Serbian soldiers kick Albanian women, as it happens currently. I condemn
it. This being the case, I was talking about a past situation, before
the elections, when Yugo was bombed by NATO forces. I am not a Serb but
it seems to me that the Serbian treatment of Kosovo Albanians was
overstated in the western circles and was kind of manipulated as an
excuse for Nato bombing-- think about the discourse of ethnic
cleansing--. There was also also a considerable attack from the Albanian
side at Serbs. Of course, I am talking about KLA here. I think we need
to clarify the political charecter of KLA before going any further,
since the subject matter of the discussion was KLA. In any case, I am
not the author of the article. Jared Isreal is. As an insider, he knows
these issues better than me. I don't know if he is on the list

bye, Xxxx

da dattam wrote:
>    With respect, Mr. Xxxxxx, I think this article is
> so much nonsense.  Two Serbian engineers who worked in
> Kosovo offer little more than anecdotes and very old,
> tired, pro-Serbian positions.  Objectively we can say
> that the Serbian state, paramilitaries, vigilantes,
> and jingoist groups got into trouble with the Croats,
> then the Bosnian Muslims, then the Yugoslav Albanians.
>  It could be that the problem was with each of those
> three groups individually or it could be, at least in
> significant measure, that the problem was with the
> Serbs. What your article shows to me very clearly is
> exactly the kind of Serbian chauvinism and lack of
> self-criticism I would expect to hear if the problem
> lay with the Serbs.
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