Colombian Narco-Guerrillas?

Jose G. Perez jgperez at
Mon Feb 26 20:58:16 MST 2001

>>Most of the American population now sees the question of Colombian
intervention as a necessary battle for the future success of the 'Drug
War', which they support.     This approval of interventionism against
the 'Narco Guerrilla', comes from the overwhelming majority of liberals,
too.     How sad.<<

Not sad. Americans do not care. And people don't give a shit about the war
on drugs. It's just a constant background noise on the TV. They've been
going on with this narcoguerrilla crap for a decade or more. People don't
buy it. They don't see anyone with AK's peddling drugs on their street

Bush is increasingly under the radar screen. How much? Well ... on Friday
someone mentioned where I worked, a newsroom, that this Tuesday he was going
to give an in lieu of a state of the union address to a joint session of
Congress in prime time.

No coverage plan had been made, no guests invited, no one assigned to cover,

I guess there's only so much weight you have when the guy you "beat" for
President had a half million more votes -- and when the image you project is
of someone with an IQ roughly comparable to the mean temperature in
Washington, D.C. -- measured in centigrade.

It's impossible to take the guy seriously.

I mean, look at the Iraq thing. Here he was, with his big trip to México and
all that, acting the part of President as best he could, and he goes bombing
Iraq the same day. Mostpeople never even heard of the Mexico visit. He could
have waited two or three days, or a week to bomb Saddam.

Republican spinmeisters said, well, he did it to deflect criticism of his
trip. What criticism? Altho, of course, that's not the question 99% of
Americans would have. Their question would be, what trip?

Seriously, look at the all-news nets ratings. The talkers still have some
viewers left. But news shows ratings have pretty much all fallen below
statistically significant figures. The bottom has just dropped out. Viewer
numbers have collapsed.

People don't give a shit about what's going in Washington. Yes, W & the rest
are putting a brave face on it, pretending to govern and lead and so on...
but no one is buying.

The idea that people pay any attention at all to Colombia or anything else
like that is too funny for words. They have no idea where Colombia is. As
for sending US troops, there are only three problems with this:

a) The reaction of the American people
b) The reaction of the Latin American people and
c) The reaction of the US troops.

It will certainly and immediately mean the collapse of whatever scraps of
legitimacy the Colombian regime may have, and lead to an explosion of
outrage here in the U.S. and throughout Latin America. Imagine if you'd had
30 million plus Vietnamese and Cambodians and so on living in the states
during the Vietnam War.

At any rate, you can bet that if people were listening to Bush talking about
sending troops and so on they wouldn't believe him. But as things stand,
they're not even listening. Things will be different should "our boys" start
coming home in boxes. And the people in charge of the Powell-Cheney
administration understand this perfectly.


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