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Tue Feb 27 04:08:45 MST 2001

   Mr. Xxxxxx I think I understand a little better
your concern here.  I am a little confused by the
remaining focus by Marxists on the Serbian/former
Yugoslavia question.  Of course one abhors the bombing
but what do the Albanians have to do with it?  It
seems to me the local political questions are moot to
the issue of NATO bombing.  That bombing was a matter
among the U.S., the Euro-zone and Russia.  The local
politics simply represent a greater or smaller
inconvenience to the larger powers, it seems.

   Surely you don't suggest that the great powers care
at all for what some Albanian Kosovars believe or not.
 Likewise they care little for Serbs' opinions except
to the extent that Serbs can create disruption or
embarrassment.  Serbia would never have held out
against the West.  In a few years time, after the
collapse of their currency and extended war, they
would have been begging to get into NATO and the
Euro-zone. What choice had they?  Why should they have
proved more autarchic than Hungary, for example?

   I think one casts about all amiss if one looks for
high political drama in this age of the "golden
straitjacket".  The benefit to capitalism of this
injustice or that is relatively small compared to the
benefit of stability - at least in the core and the
near periphery.  The Balkans are not destined to be a
land of fifty-cent labor. Therefore, political
injustice of this type or that has little economic
value.  Croatia and Kosovo are not Guatemala and
Honduras (where super-exploitation makes brutality
profitable).  I would guess the main reason NATO loves
the KLA today is that leaders have to pick a side for
political reasons back home. The KLA are widely
acknowledged by capitalist journalists to be a burden.
 I'm sure Washington, Berlin, Paris and London would
just as soon see all the Albanians in Europe drown
themselves in the Adriatic.

   To see this conflict in terms of NATO's picking the
KLA over Milosovich because of the political views
either side expresses is wrong-headed in my opinion.
What do NATO care?

  Do you think America and Great Britian hate Sadaam
Hussein because of his political views?  Of course
not.  He's a nuiscance - intransigent, uncooperative
and ungrateful - this is the problem.


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