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Tue Feb 27 07:40:14 MST 2001

"da dattam"
>   Mr. Xxxxxx I think I understand a little better
>your concern here.  I am a little confused by the
>remaining focus by Marxists on the Serbian/former
>Yugoslavia question.  Of course one abhors the bombing
>but what do the Albanians have to do with it?  It
>seems to me the local political questions are moot to
>the issue of NATO bombing.  That bombing was a matter
>among the U.S., the Euro-zone and Russia.  The local
>politics simply represent a greater or smaller
>inconvenience to the larger powers, it seems.

First of all, Xxxx is a woman although, following in the footprints of Rosa
Luxemburg, she packs more righteous aggression in her posts than most men.
Now you say that "it seems to me", da dattam. Let me inform you that this
is not the proper venue for this kind of empty opinionating. This is a
scholarly list, not in the sense of those ridiculous lists hosted by
university servers that contain nothing but exchanges about job openings or
journal announcements. But in the sense that Karl Marx sat in the London
library with his carbuncled nose in books. So far you have written 2 items
on Yugoslavia filled with "it seems to me" on top of "it seems to me".
Unless you can come up with some substantial socio-economic and historical
data from books or newspaper articles, then you'd be better off keeping
your "it seems to me" to yourself. I wrote you offline to get up to speed
on the 3 years worth of discussion here on the topic, numbering over 1100
posts, and you seem to have blithely ignored me. I resent this enormously.
This mailing list is not for idle speculation and bar-room banter. Unless
you can back up your opinions with some facts, I demand that you lay off
this topic because it has proven so divisive in the past. And--finally--if
"da dattam" is your name, I have no problem with you using it. I have an
unusual name myself. But if it is a "tag", I urge you to get rid of it.
This is not Usenet with all sorts of colorful anonymous tags. If for
security reasons, you can't use your real name, then pick something like
Joe Smith or even "Joe". Okay?

Louis Proyect
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