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International "adoption" is in fact an outrageous scandal and every
"Leftist", nay, every progressive person in the First World, should oppose it.

Argentina has the "privilege" that our "commodities" are well priced, that
is, we can display an interesting assortment of white, blue- or green-eyed,
fair haired babies that can be sold at best prices in the racist world
market for adoptions.

Most of the children who are victimised in this trade are, as anyone can
guess, children of poverty and misery, and the procedures for adoption are
more like kidnapping than anything else. Sister Martha Pelloni, a nun who
disclosed the connections between power and crime in the "María Soledad"
case (a teen ager who was murdered by a high-class play boy in Catamarca,
Argentina, and whose murder was subsequently covered up by a wide
conspiracy of the local state), denounced not so long ago that in the
Corrientes province (she was moved from Catamarca after the María Soledad
case became unstoppable) there is an organization involving judges and
officials who trade Correntino babies (many of them are blue-eyed) in the
world market and provide the false credentials for this to be done.

When one approaches them, these people, of course, explain that they are
"doing a service to the children" by helping them leave this wretched
country. But the pervasive word is that many are simply taken as pets, not
exactly as human beings, by the adopting families (the Corrientes
organization seems to be linked to German groups) and sometimes, once they
become a bore, they are even left by themselves. On another ground, the
racist parameters of the purchases are absolutely revolting. A white, blue
eyed, fair haired baby may reach a "price" from three to five times that of
a dark skinned, brown eyed, black haired one.

The babies are generally obtained from young girls who have not been able
to prevent a pregnancy, or mothers who simply cannot feed them. In fact,
what this commerce requires for its existence is the destruction of a state
sponsored system of care for parentless children, as well as conditions of
utter misery and deprivation for the masses. That this is the case in
Argentina today is simply a shame, since during the early 50s we had
already attained a model system for children care, under the strong
auspices of Eva Perón, a natural child herself.

This trade uncovers the hypocrisy of those Western media who blame the
Colombian guerrilla for drafting teen agers. These teen agers find a much
more dignified place on Earth fighting with the guerrilla than anywhere
else. Their children, if the guerrilla wins, will not face sale in the
international market for "adoptions".

Lic. Néstor M. Gorojovsky

Louis Proyect
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