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Tue Feb 27 12:47:08 MST 2001

Well Louis I just don't have the time to expound about this ina relaxed way
 at present, however I would refer enthusiasts to Alejandro Ramos's
excellent article "Value and price of production: New evidence on Marx's
transformation procedure", in International Journal of Political Economy,
vol. 28 no. 4 Winter 1998-1999, pp. 55-81. Alejandro does a good job of
explaining where Von Bortkiewicz departs from Marx's intention, with the
aid of a passage from Capital Volume 3 omitted from Engels's edition. I
think we should be grateful for such scholarship and not dismiss it as
scholasticism, given how Marx has been so often misinterpreted and
misrepresented in the matter of the transformation procedure.



Louis Proyect
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