Idaho Ain't Utopia By A Very Long Shot!

Hunter Gray HUNTERBEAR at
Tue Feb 27 14:01:57 MST 2001

It's all well and good that Idaho governor Dirk Kempthorne has signed the
Juneteenth legislation placing Idaho on record as recognizing the end of
[chattel] slavery in the United States.  [Idaho became a state in 1890.]
Nice that he's done that.

But.  The governor, a Republican with an almost completely Republican
legislature, is certainly not supporting a minimum wage for Idaho
farmworkers -- wage slaves by any measure.  Kempthorne is a fervent
supporter of one of the most hysterical and costly and people-mangling
versions of the so-called "war on drugs."  There is increasing evidence that
Idaho state police -- with selected local cops -- and with FBI management
are conducting broad surveillance operations against Leftists, Native rights
activists, militant environmentalists, and other healthy dissidents.
Although, happily,  the much publicized Aryan Nations coven in North Idaho
has been in an increasing state of decline for the last couple of years,
racism is certainly very much  alive and well across the Gem State.  And,
just yesterday, the legislature declined to end the name "Squaw" as a not
uncommon state place name -- even though the Native nations and many others
have called for the end of that now very obviously pejorative term.  [And
there's more -- as there always is -- to be said!]  We keep fighting.
Hunter Gray  Pocatello  Idaho
Hunter Gray

Hunter Gray

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