On blindness (was Re: Speaking of Kosovo Albanians )

Gorojovsky Gorojovsky at SPAMarnet.com.ar
Tue Feb 27 14:49:32 MST 2001

En relación a Re: Speaking of Kosovo Albanians ,
el 26 Feb 01, a las 17:15, da dattam dijo:

> When Hindus
> cut the throats of Muslim children before Indian
> partition, they felt they themselves were victims.
> When Muslim extremists use mortars and bombs against
> Indian Hindus in Kashmir today, they do so because
> they feel themselves to be victims.   When Tamil Sri
> Lankans blow up Singhalese Sri Lankans, they do so out
> of a feeling of victimhood and the feeling of
> victimhood guides the army's reprisals against the
> Tamils.

The examples above show that da dattam is seriously sick, hers (or his) is a
severe case of blindness towards imperialism. If you take the virus out of the
scene, any form of ilness can be portrayed as parts of the body acting against
other parts of the body. da dattam, due to her (his) problem, does exactly this
with imperialism. I would be very distressed to discover,from the examples
above, that she (he) writes from India, because this would have sterilized her
(him) for revolutionary action in her (his) country forever.

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
gorojovsky at arnet.com.ar

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