Speaking of Kosovo Albanians

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> Objectively we can say
> that the Serbian state, paramilitaries, vigilantes,
> and jingoist groups got into trouble with the Croats,
> then the Bosnian Muslims, then the Yugoslav Albanians.
>  It could be that the problem was with each of those
> three groups individually or it could be, at least in
> significant measure, that the problem was with the
> Serbs

This is becoming a bore, but Lenin taught us that politics is a long exercise
in patience. _How_ long, however, he smartly did not indicate.

What we should objectively say is that behind the secessionist "Croats,
Bosnian Muslims, and Yugoslav Albanians" you could always see the not so hidden
hand of Western, imperialist, "states, paramilitaries, vigilantes,
and jingoist groups". An easy and good case can be made that this kind of
group, on the Yugoslav (not Serbian, if you accept that this was a war against
Serbia you are immediately accepting the Pentagon's view of things) side there
were some paramilitary groups as an answer to the initial aggression. But I
will give you a chance, that is I will even accept that there were _lots_ of
Serbian paramilitaries, vigilantes and jingoists.

Now, my question is, why should a Marxist support the West against the reaction
that Western intromission in Yugoslavia produces in non-secessionist Yugoslavs?
Western intromission is imperialism. As plain as ABC. On this, no serious
revolutionary would have anything to comment.

There are people on this list, people with who I disagree deeply, who blame
Milosevic for the aggression that he and his party have been victims of. There
are even Yugoslavs on this list who share that view (or should I say, in
_their_ case, that they consider themselves Serbs only?). I am sure that the
bitter fruit that they are sowing will be the sour harvest of their future. But
they have a right to blame Milosevic if they can prove they are right (and in
the case of the Yugoslavs they have the right, period).

What nobody, particularly nobody living in an imperialist country (such as, I
assume, da dattam's) should blame Serbs against imperialists. This is simply
not done. Pooh. Poppy. Shit.

A bit tired of the same explanation again and again. Please, Vladimir Ilitch,
how long does patience take?

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
gorojovsky at arnet.com.ar

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