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>Subject: Critical Reflections on Australia's Involvement in East Timor
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>Is east Timor becoming a poor suburb of Australia?  Could we really expect
>the same forces that supported the Indoneisn genocide for 25 years to
>bring independence to East Timor.  Are the Australian military being
>rehabilitated post-Vietnam event though they haven't acknowledged their
>complicity in the 25 year ccupation?  Meanwhile are the Australian and
>Indonesian militaries pursuing the same policies in West Papua? What do
>the Americans mean when they say "East Timor is Australia's Haiti"?  Has
>East Timor become a cash cow for international ambulance chasing aid
>bureaucrats?  Is cultivated amensia integral to imperial power?
>To know where Australian/East Timorese relations are going we must know
>where we have come from.
>Two resources available are Ciaron 'OReillys pamphlet "Remebering
>Forgetting - A Journey of Nonviolent Resistance to the War on East Timor",
>now available on the following web site
>If you are in Brisbane a video tape of a talk anout the themes of the
>booklet given by Ciaron  in Melbourne is available for loan from Rachel
>Harrison 07- 389 22318
>In melbourne Paul Dyson <mailto:pwdyson at yahoo.com>pwdyson at yahoo.com
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