Value theory

Les Schaffer schaffer at
Tue Feb 27 19:15:29 MST 2001

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   I think Marxists are more likely than
individual-focused capitalists to come to a real
understanding of value.  Value is clearly a
para-mutual phenomenon.  Marxists are comfortable with
the idea of socially mediated "truth" whereas
capitalists need sham certainty. Unfortunately some
Marxists panic about the inherent uncertainty in any
really useful concept of value.

   The problem is that Marx starts with "reproduction"
- an equillibrium assumption.  The efforts to
reconcile something that begins with an equillibrium
assumption to a para-mutual phenomenon predictably
result in hopeless arcana and anfractuosities.  I
think there is general agreement that para-mutual
phenomena are impenetrable to all but the most modern
mathematics.  Marx simply did not have anything
approaching the necessary analytic tools.  He just
asked the right questions.

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