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An interesting debate to consider would be between Marxism and Critical
Legal Studies.  Although many CLS's are (or came from Marxism), its roots
(in the works of writers such as Roberto Unger) deny the historicism and
materialism of Marxism.

A good book on this is:

Allan Hunt   Explorations in Law and Society.  Routledge

Just finished reading bits - quite helpful on the distinctions between CLS
and Marxism.  Especially the statist limitations of CLS and the domination
of legal ideology as a powered force rather than ideology orientated from a
materialist base.  It also shows the failure of CLS to account for a
dialectic relationship between wc and the superstructure - as explained by
Marx in Capital re the factory acts.

Have attached the bibliography of an essay I did on Marxist Jursiprudence
and the law of contract (in Australia and UK).  May be useful for additional


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