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Nestor typed:
"...officials who trade Correntino babies (many of them are blue-eyed) in
world market and *provide the false credentials* for this to be done..."
(*asterisks mine)

Nestor's commentary is intrigueing.

The closed door policies that adoption agencies still adhere to, is their
most powerful cover to dissuade any organization and/or agency from any
suspicious activity.

Fanon in Black Skin,White Masks discusses the imperialism of the colonists
in their racist attidudes towards the native. The Negroes of the Antilles
with comparison to the African sees oneself as superior to that of the
African.  Precisely because the Negro of the Antilles, colonized by the
European on land and in mindset, are "more human".  The greatest weapon
against the native is the native themselves.  I see no contradiction between
culture imperialism and the process of adoption.  Fanon in BSWM has held my
interest for quite some time now concerning racial identity and history.  I
am able to relate to his texts and essays in many ways.

Despite my own situation, I am forced by my own convictions to explore the
culture imperialism of the whole, not just children, not just adoption.
Adoption are independent systems that embodies all of the capitalist system,
whether funded privately or through government regulations under various
Departments or Ministries of Health and Welfare...

The experience of "cultural imperialism" seems to be not just limited to
small children placed in foster homes or internationally DISplaced in
families abroad, but the very location in which the children are finally
"given up" "traded", stolen....

The Other in this case, that would fit precisely to what Fanon refers to,
is the mothers who gave birth to these children, already victims of the
class antagonisms in their own countries, but subjected to the Liberal
Welfare Family Regulations, promising to give "a better life" for the child
or children, exactly because of the conditions the mothers(and fathers) are
living in.

I refer more to mothers, because this is my first introduction(may I say, my
first "lesson") to the exploitation of women of color in capitalist
imperialistic societies abroad and within. A journey into feminist thought.
"Algeria Unveiled" comes to mind when talking of women, class, and

The following excerpt was enlightening to read, discussing the cultural
imperialism that women(fathers and children too) experience.

"For birth mothers, this cultural imperialism imposes a dual identity upon
them. One identity, that of birth mother, must be hidden, so that she will
not be identified as a member of a deviant and degenerate group of women.
The other self is a false public identity because the woman is forced to
become an imposter; she is a mother but she cannot admit the fact to anyone
even herself. She is not allowed or encouraged to grieve her loss. She is
expected to forget and erase from her memory the fact that she has given
life to her own child. Her reward for this denial is to be accepted back
into the dominant culture and to assume her old identity. Many birth mothers
spend numerous years of their lives in a state of bewilderment, unable to
comprehend or understand fully what has happened to them. They have a new
but secret identity that cannot be integrated into the public self. Carlini
(1992) calls this a "fracturing of the self" (p. 18). All of the birth
mothers in my study recount this loss of identity followed by their
assumption of a false identity."

To read the rest of the essay follow this link:

My only understanding of the adoption processes internationally and locally
that it spells disaster for all parties involved while working on the guise
of building a family for the more well developed nation and "white-washing"
them, as in the cases of the Indian children in North America on the
reservations.  As someone else mentioned in another post, the taking away of
a people's children is genocide.

You are right Nestor, "adoption" (kidnapping)is a scandal and a brutal one.
As for Colombian street children and orphans, many years before I heard the
stories of the "solutions" to solving the street kids that lived in the
sewers and underground dwelling places.  It still sends shivers down my
spine when I think about it.  For the teenagers that have joined the
guerrillas, for them, that is their future, they are already living a doomed
existence.  For them there is no other "future".  My heart goes out to them
and to all the other children in Latin Amrica and eslewhere who are in those
same situations.  My heart also goes out to the parents that have had their
childrens stolen.  My anger is for those who had devised such a wicked plan
and for the plan itself, simply for business and profiting.  Family values?
Much more like Family DEHistorizing and Remodifying identities to fit a
greater First World purpose.

Abolish "Adoption"!

In Solidarity

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>Lou, please fwd,
>International "adoption" is in fact an outrageous scandal and every
>"Leftist", nay, every progressive person in the First World, should oppose
>Argentina has the "privilege" that our "commodities" are well priced, that
>is, we can display an interesting assortment of white, blue- or green-eyed,
>fair haired babies that can be sold at best prices in the racist world
>market for adoptions.
>Most of the children who are victimised in this trade are, as anyone can
>guess, children of poverty and misery, and the procedures for adoption are
>more like kidnapping than anything else. Sister Martha Pelloni, a nun who
>disclosed the connections between power and crime in the "María Soledad"
>case (a teen ager who was murdered by a high-class play boy in Catamarca,
>Argentina, and whose murder was subsequently covered up by a wide
>conspiracy of the local state), denounced not so long ago that in the
>Corrientes province (she was moved from Catamarca after the María Soledad
>case became unstoppable) there is an organization involving judges and
>officials who trade Correntino babies (many of them are blue-eyed) in the
>world market and provide the false credentials for this to be done.
>When one approaches them, these people, of course, explain that they are
>"doing a service to the children" by helping them leave this wretched
>country. But the pervasive word is that many are simply taken as pets, not
>exactly as human beings, by the adopting families (the Corrientes
>organization seems to be linked to German groups) and sometimes, once they
>become a bore, they are even left by themselves. On another ground, the
>racist parameters of the purchases are absolutely revolting. A white, blue
>eyed, fair haired baby may reach a "price" from three to five times that of
>a dark skinned, brown eyed, black haired one.
>The babies are generally obtained from young girls who have not been able
>to prevent a pregnancy, or mothers who simply cannot feed them. In fact,
>what this commerce requires for its existence is the destruction of a state
>sponsored system of care for parentless children, as well as conditions of
>utter misery and deprivation for the masses. That this is the case in
>Argentina today is simply a shame, since during the early 50s we had
>already attained a model system for children care, under the strong
>auspices of Eva Perón, a natural child herself.
>This trade uncovers the hypocrisy of those Western media who blame the
>Colombian guerrilla for drafting teen agers. These teen agers find a much
>more dignified place on Earth fighting with the guerrilla than anywhere
>else. Their children, if the guerrilla wins, will not face sale in the
>international market for "adoptions".
>Lic. Néstor M. Gorojovsky
>Louis Proyect
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