Barkley Rosser report

Charles Brown CharlesB at
Wed Feb 28 08:50:22 MST 2001

Barkley said in part:

There were also several sessions on the "The Dijon School of Endogenous
Mustard, oops, I mean Money: Post Keynesian and Circuitist Theories," with
a faction from Dijon in Burgundy there doing the spreading, although the
godfather of these sessions seems to have been mostly Louis-Philippe
Rochon, formerly of the New School (again!) but now of Kalamazoo College.


CB: This is sort of a reverse Deririck Jeter. Jeter went from Kalamazoo to the New
York Yankees , Series MVP, top dog, shortstop.


However les grands fromages of this school were not in attendance, who have
been in the past and were last summer at the last Post Keynesian Workshop,
Alain Parguez of Besancon and Bernard Vallageas of Paris-Sud.


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