Capital and defn of Technology

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Wed Feb 28 10:12:57 MST 2001

>I am new to this list. Can anyone suggest any writings, webpages, or
>postings dealing with capital as being at least in part accumulated
>pillage of nature, basically accumulated "dead nature"?
>As well I am interested in working definitions of technology. One I have
>been using recently is technology as accumulated knowledge that allows
>manipulation of natural resources and processes to achieve some desired
>goal. Any comments or suggestions?
>Mark Munsterhjelm
>Sanchung, Taiwan
>e-mail: gustav88 at

I want to welcome Mark to the list, who I have been corresponding with for
the past couple of years after meeting through the warriornet mailing list.
As I just told the graduate school in a recommendation letter, Mark is one
of the few people I am acquainted with who has been successfully relating
indigenous themes with an overall analysis rooted in political economy. In
his case, the focus is on the indigenous peoples of Taiwan. Mark sent me a
long paper with many interesting graphics titled "Drinking, Singing, and
Dancing But No Nukes Please"- Propaganda, Colonization, and Taiwan's First
Nations" that makes explicit connections between the treatment of
indigenous peoples in Taiwan and Canada. You can read it at:

Louis Proyect
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