Marxism and Law

Philip Ferguson plf13 at
Wed Feb 28 15:46:42 MST 2001

Keith wrote:

>im thinking about writing something on marxism and law sometime in the
>near future.  i have a few references already, but if anyone could add
>to what i have below id be grateful.

E.B. Pashukanis, Selected Works on Marxism and the Law, London,  Academic
Press, 1979

Pashukanis is crucial.  He was a Bolshevik and much of what is in this book
was written in the 1920s (and maybe 30s?) and dealt with the differences
between a capitalist and socialist legal system.

It is also worth checking out the journal 'Critique', especially some of
its early issues in the 1970s, where there were some pieces on Pashukanis
and a Marxist approach to law.  I think Chris Arthur wrote one of them, and
he is usually pretty good.

Philip Ferguson

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