"Albanians wage war of race hate"

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Wed Feb 28 16:20:10 MST 2001

Hi Johannes:

> As I have said here previously I support self-determination for >Kosovo
> all other Alabanians living in the region, which has been denied to >them
> the imperialist powers for almost a century.

Yes, I think that is the disagreement. Original Yugo federation was _not_ an
imperialist country. As such it did not imperialize Albanians. How can it be
that Kosovo Albanians were denied self independence for almost a century?Yes
they were for a while, just as any other ethnic group in Balkans, given the
history of imperialist interventions in Balkans,  but Kosovars were
liberated by Yugos when the socialist federation was formed.
Now, under NATO occupation, Kosovo Albanians are a more of a  neo-colony
than they were under Yugo federation as independent Albanians. In my view,
the *idea* of Kosovo Albanian independence from Yugo was a mistake to begin
with ( with or without KLA).

bye, Xxxx

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