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Henry C.K. Liu hliu at
Wed Feb 28 17:31:28 MST 2001

The trouble with you is that you have the mentality of a dissident.
Contradiction with you is not a contradiction among the people, but one
between enemies.  You are basically anti-China in the Reagan evil empire
mode cloaked in social democrat clothing.
Proof of what? Deng retired from day to day politics when Hu Yaobong was
elected Chairman in 1982 and then Zhao was Chairman and after Tiananmen,
Jiang was elected 1989, more than a decade ago. The struggle now is for the
correct path going forward in the new century, two decades after Deng's

I really don't have time or energy to play this silly game with you.  I have
serious work to do. As Louis said once, China couldn't care less what you
think.  If you are convinced that China is finished, have the courtesy to
leave  it alone.
Good-bye and good riddance.

Henry C.K. Liu

Dennis R Redmond wrote:

> On Wed, 28 Feb 2001, Henry C.K. Liu wrote:
> > Title: Jiang Zemin Urgently Convenes Meeting To Hit Back at Anti-Jiang
> > Faction
> Ho ho. Proof, as if we needed it, that Deng Xiaoping, that canny old
> revolutionary, knew exactly what he was doing when he anointed Jiang as
> his successor. East Asia is going to stampede the Shrub like a herd of
> elephants trampling bamboo.
> -- Dennis

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