Russian army in Kabul?

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I grabbed this off of the Canadian Broadcast Corporation (
website. Has anyone heard anything more about this?

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Russians unexpectedly arrive in Kabul
Last Updated: Tue Nov 27 22:16:38 2001
KABUL - While U.S. Marines were consolidating their bridgehead near
Kandahar in southern Afghanistan, Russian troops unexpectedly arrived in

They set up camp on a piece of waste ground, and have so far refused to say
what they're doing in the capital.
Some sources said they are setting up a temporary embassy, others said a
field hospital. But it looks like a military camp and many Afghans have
bitter memories of the 10 years of Soviet occupation.
"A few years ago they came here (to) Afghanistan and they fought with
people. And they are very crude people. We don't like (them)," said one
man. "Russians destroyed all of Afghanistan. Maybe they are now coming to
help," said another.
Given the Soviet occupation of this country in the 1980s, Russian soldiers
may not be the ideal choice for a humanitarian mission. But Russia is a
strong supporter of the Northern Alliance, which has been in power in Kabul
for two weeks.
Russia may be flexing its muscle as one of the regional powers in
Afghanistan, or it may be keen to show that if Washington can put Marines
in Kandahar, then Moscow can put troops in downtown Kabul.


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