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Mike Friedman mikedf at
Mon Feb 12 09:23:06 MST 2001

IMHO, Lenin had it wrong, period. Women's oppression plays itself out in
sex and marriage, at least as much as it does in the workplace. An
intrinsic part of women's struggles anywhere has been to try to gain
control over their sexuality. And if we fail to take that into
account... well, the CIA and company have shown themselves quite able to
understand and manipulate the institution of marriage, women's
oppression at home and sexuality in different parts of the globe.

> "The record of your sins, Clara, is even worse. I have been told that at
> the evenings arranged for reading and discussion with working women, sex
> and marriage problems come first. They are said to be the main objects of
> interest in your political instruction and educational work. I could not
> believe my ears when I heard that. The first state of proletarian
> dictatorship is battling with the counter-revolutionaries of the whole
> world. The situation in Germany itself calls for the greatest unity of all
> proletarian revolutionary forces, so that they can repel the
> counter-revolution which is pushing on. But active Communist women are
> busy discussing sex problems and the forms of marriage 'past, present and
> future'. They consider it their most important task to enlighten working
> women on these questions.

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