need for apology ?

Jurriaan Bendien j.bendien at
Mon Jan 1 03:59:04 MST 2001

Thanks for the tip, I feel the same way !


At 05:26 PM 12/31/00 -0800, you wrote:
> > It's like saying we shouldn't discuss instances of political repression in
> > Cuba on the list, "because it might harm Castro's position".
> >
>If you answered thew question "what is Castroism?" with: "Anything bad on
>the left".
>then you wold have the same idea. What is close to anti-communism is the
>labelling of all episodes in existing socialist states that were bad as
>perversion" and all that works/ed as Marxist.
>One can talk about the purges and many other grave distortions of the
>ideals of the
>Russian Revolution without sectarian shorthand labels. I have noticed on
>this list a
>tendency to call this "Stalinism" Actually existing socialism. If actually
>socialism is too positive, still others call it "actually existing socialism".
> just means you can make the same point without gettting
>anybody's back
>twisted in a knot.

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