Reply on Religion and Marxism: 2

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at
Mon Jan 1 15:24:16 MST 2001

>>I should point out that if we deny the
>>cognitive value of mystical experiences
>>as I do, there is no denying the importance
>>of mystical experiences as empirical
>_You_ deny the cognitive value of such experiences, but of course the
>_mystic_ doesn't. Your argument is based entirely on the categories of
>analytical philosophy and of inductivist empiricism, which of course the
>yogi would reject as one-sided (as would many marxists). (For a powerful
>critique of the analytical problematic, see Bhaskar's *Dialectic: the
>Pulse of Freedom*.)
>You certainly did 'throw the book' at Gyan, but not the book of a
>My own view is that there is epistemological stalemate re 'materialism'
>vs 'idealism', atheism vs theism, etc ie re the existence of God or not.
>And that, given stalemate, it is rational to trust your own experience,
>i.e. if you have religious experiences, to believe in God; if not, not.
>Mervyn Hartwig

In that case, what's the difference between "critical realism" and
post-modernism, Rortyesque pragmatism, & other champions of
"judgmental relativism" & "incommensurability"?


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