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it seems to me that we do not get very far always refering back to quotes
from Marx and Engels. for every quote one person finds to justify an idea,
someone else can find two that refute the first. which quotations are the
real Marxism. this is my primary problem with your method of argument.


CB: I don't agree with you. I have not seen anyone find two to quotes to refute the
one we are discussing. Anyway , I am not about to pay any attention to the implication
of your statement that we cut back on quoting Engels and Marx. On a "Marxism" list one
ought to be able to do that (!). Some of the other lists might have moderators who
will censor Marx and Engels. Maybe, you know..

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> Charles, I know what I wrote, and what you wrote. I realise that the
> Stalinist world view can be propped up with selective quotation from Marx,
> and it is precisely in the nature of the Stalinist mind to do that.
> ((((((((
> CB: No , it is just that you didn't remember or realize that what you were
calling a Stalinist idea was not a Stalinist idea , but an idea of Marx and
Engels. So, you can't cover up that in using "Stalinist" as a sort of knee
jerk and namecalling way to through dirt on an idea, you inadvertently
called a fundamental and famous Marxist idea a Stalinist idea, which is sort
of plagerism for Stalin, since he didn't originate the idea, but merely
repeated it. It is not an issue of propping up Stalin's ideas but your
realizing that you disgree with Marx and Engels on the issue being
discussed: the "inevitability of the transition from capitalism to
socialism. Forget Stalin, and deal with Marx and Engels

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