need for apology ?

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Mon Jan 1 19:33:24 MST 2001

in general, I think it would be a good idea to resist the temptation to call
people's ideas "Stalinist." Stalinism in the present context has little
meaning other than as a way of negating your opponent's ideas. it is like
calling someone a "terrorist." it is not a concept, but a general label of
evil. I don't think there are any Stalinists on this list. I sometimes get
frustrated with some people's dogmatism, but they have the right to be
dogmatic if they like it.
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> >>> cbcox at 12/31/00 11:54AM >>>
> And I resent having my own position
> contaminated with unnecessary stalin-baiting.
> ((((((((
> CB: Anyway, he can't Stalin-bait me because I am a Leninist, not a
Stalinist. I don't care when people say bad things about Stalin. He was a
bad man.
> However, anti-Stalinism is the basis for sort of covered up, unconscious
anti-Marxism, when a person doesn't realize that they don't have the same
idea of Marxism as Marx did.  I only quoted Marx and Engels in this
discussion, and he called what Marx and Engels said "Stalinist". He is
Stalin-baiting Engels and Marx. Makes him look ridiculous. Let him bait
away, if that's what he thinks makes his argument persuasive. Ha ha !

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