Religion & Counter-Revolution (was Re: Religion -- or the lack ofit -- should be up to the individual)

Danielle Ni Dhighe morrigan at
Mon Jan 1 19:56:04 MST 2001

At 06:20 PM 01/01/2001, Carrol Cox wrote:
 >I really don't understand what in the world a "private spiritual belief"
 >could be or mean.

I assume you understand what a spiritual belief is?  When I add the
qualifier of private, I mean a spiritual belief that the believer is not
trying to force on anyone else.  In a truly secular society, all
spirituality would be private.

For the record, I believe atheism to be a spiritual belief.  It's not
particularly scientific.  A scientific approach would be agnosticism not

 >for communism, but I don't see how such a person could make very useful
 >contributions to strategic or tactical theory or to the materialist
 >analysis of the enemy.

I wasn't aware that making "useful contributions to strategic or tactical
theory or to the materialist analysis of the enemy" was dependent on
whether one is atheist, agnostic, or religious.

We'd be better off if we focused on strategic or tactical theory rather
than the intellectual masturbation that seems so common in Marxist
forums.  Using big words is well and good but it doesn't create revolution.

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