Descartes Redux (was Re: Spiritualism and idealism)

Doyle Saylor djsaylor at
Tue Jan 2 07:08:40 MST 2001

Greetings Comrades,
    I agree with Yoshie here, Lou's comment about spiritual feelings being
private is a form of Cartesian split.  The presumption is we can't know what
someone else is feeling "spiritually".   Why?  What is the physical
limitation to that?  Tell us what the dividing line is where things are
definitely outside and inside the personal.

    This is a serious point to which all the computing communications are
pointed at.  Wearable computing is pointed directly at the end of privacy in
any sense like it has been known.  If Lou can tell me where the personal
will continue in that world I would like to know.  From knowing how people
feel by measurement, to long term records of where one has been to the foot
in their whole life, to broadband communications everything is pointing
toward an end to privacy in the connectedness of human society.
Understanding that is important to understand the terrain which capitalism
is building for computing and that we must organize ourselves in.

    I don't think the implications of electronic communications can be
understood without realizing that the personal space we are used to is being
breached by computing communications systems.  There is not going to be a
place in which you are not attached to your communications device.  That is
the essence of the concept of ubiquitous computing.  That is why global
distributed computing is very significant.

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