Spiritualism and idealism

Charles Brown CharlesB at SPAMCNCL.ci.detroit.mi.us
Tue Jan 2 08:48:09 MST 2001

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Finally, I don't have a fucking clue what "spiritual" means. I have never felt
anything like this in my entire life, even after taking LSD and watching water
in a seascape painting on my neighbor's wall start to ripple. I felt more
seasick than transcendent. But I know lots of very good people who are or were
spiritually endowed, from Rigoberta Menchu to Malcolm X. I first heard Malcolm
X speak at a Militant Labor Forum in 1964--the "bullet or the ballot" speech.

When I read his autobiography shortly after joining the SWP, I felt
tremendously inspired by his example. At no point did I ever feel the need to
psychologically or politically repudiate those sections that read like this:

>>We parked near the Great Mosque. We performed our ablutions and


CB: John Brown was a religious fanatic. It was the basis of his abolitionism.

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