Pascal & Dogma (was Re: Reply on Religion and Marxism: 2)

Charles Brown CharlesB at
Tue Jan 2 09:39:22 MST 2001

>>> lnp3 at 01/01/01 10:08PM >>>
>But there is another sort of tendency which might also be
>associated with spirtuality: an over anxiousness to _prove_
>marxism. I sort of resented that post today which quoted
>_Time_ as saying Marx could feel vindicated. For shit's
>sake, why should this list want to cling to straws assuring
>us that Marx was right.



CB: Yea, I saw the significance of the post on _Time_ magazine's "nostalgic" sigh for
Marx not as corroboration or vindication of Marx for Marxists, but as vindication of
Marx for some non-Marxists, a new generation of potential Marxists. Events are so
strikingly a confirmation of Marx's ideas that even a capitalist rag like _Time_ can't
help but blurt out that Marx was correct. It is our job to "harvest" the few new
potential Marxists , who will come to Marx in a new way like every generation.

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