Charles Brown CharlesB at SPAMCNCL.ci.detroit.mi.us
Tue Jan 2 11:28:34 MST 2001

>>> snedeker at concentric.net 01/02/01 01:25PM >>>
Marx's statement about humans making their own history, but not under
circumstances of their choosing comes from THE 18TH BRUMAIRE and is clearly
not based upon a organic analogy with some evolutionary process. this is
what I mean by selecting quotations to fit any point one wants to make.


CB: It may not be immediately referring to an organic metaphor , but its usage is
consistent with and does not contradict the analogy between natural and human history
with respect to the causal impact of "circumstances" or "environment".   You don't
understand Marxism the way Marx did.

Your generalization and advice regarding selecting quotations is inapposite , i.e. not
on point, as far as you refer to my discussion. My quotations are pertinent and my
they stand up for what I quote them on.

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