Was Karl Marx a Satanist?

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> En relación a Was Karl Marx a Satanist?,
> el 2 Jan 01, a las 14:11, Louis Proyect dijo:
> > This school of thought - more of a borstal, really - reaches its
> > absurd conclusion in Was Karl Marx a Satanist?, a bizarre book published
in 1976
> > by a famous American hot-gospeller, the Reverend Richard Wurmbrand
> A step ahead.
> Father Leonardo Castellani, an Argentinean priest whose origins lay in the
> rightmost wing Church but who understood the meaning of imperialism, saved
> lives of more than one Marxist during the last military/oligarchic
> dictatorship, and was a good and witty poet, was a pundit in Marx who read
> whole _Capital_ to discover the places where Satan spoke in the open.
> For Castellani, Marx was no Satanist. He was (at least in some passages)

this satan bullshit is the real danger of religion. it borders on psychosis.
Marx is the antichrist...George
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