alternative readings

George Snedeker snedeker at
Tue Jan 2 15:47:00 MST 2001

earlier today Louis Proyect mentioned John Bellamy Foster's MARX'S ECOLOGY
, which I read with great interest. it was a serious attempt to recover
ecology for Marxism and to show how concerns about ecological questions were
central for old Karl. one could also read it as an attempt to establish a
new orthodoxy on ecological questions. Foster argues that Marx and the
Marxists after Marx thought theoretically about ecology. they had it right.
the problem was Stalin who turned the whole project around. well, he did
turn things around. never the less, it is not clear that we would have
provided direction to the ecology movement if it were not for Stalin. he
ends up arguing that  Deep Ecology and Social Constructionism have it all
wrong. we need to go back to not only Marx, but Bacon andthe true Marxist
understanding of nature. I am glad we gave up dogmatism sometime ago. I can
imagine  all the Greens standing in line to join the march of truth after
reading Foster's book.


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