the "spiritual"

Jurriaan Bendien j.bendien at
Tue Jan 2 15:57:56 MST 2001

>Every human being has a "spiritual core" in his personality and the
>spiritual dimension is a normal and healthy part of human life. I don't
>see why Marxists should have a problem with that.

>The Marxist or revolutionary spirit is the spirit of revolt against all
>conditions which oppress human beings. This shows itself also as a
>personality characteristic, a tendency to question authority etc.

>When Marx talks about "Geistliche produktion" or "Geist" he often doesn't
>mean spiritual or spirit, but the mind, mental attributes or things of the
>mind, also intellectual production.

>The interesting development these days is the decline of organised
>religion and the increase of "new age" spiritualism. It seems superficial
>to simply rubbish this simply as a form of alienation.

>One important contrast between oldtime religion and new age religion is
>that in the former case Sex is Sinful and in the latter case Sex is Good.

In his book "The corrosion of character", Richard Sennett points out that
modern flexwork changes the workers sense of identity and the character
structure of people. And, certainly people of my generation have
experienced a lot of discontinuities and identity/role changes in their
life, and they have experienced the breakdown of all the old institutions
and structures that were there in their youth. This creates a different
personality structure. The "spiritualism" perhaps also fits with this.

Recently I went to a protestant church a couple times, and it was
interesting how the church was actually picking up on modern marketing
techniques and "new age" ideas in promoting its brand of christianity ! I
am not familiar with American churches but I gather many of them are large
corporations in their own right.



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