Religion & Counter-Revolution

Jurriaan Bendien j.bendien at
Tue Jan 2 15:59:57 MST 2001

Charles wrote:

>  My presumption is that atheism is the scientific approach.

There is nothing more "scientific" about atheism than about theism. Neither
can be proved "scientifically", both are metaphycal statements. If anything
the most scientific position is agnosticism, i.e. "we don't know".
In my opinion, Feuerbach's intuition was quite good: God is a projection of
people. Marx concludes that people are the "supreme beings" for people, and
that there is no supernatural supreme being. But this doesn't mean that
spiritual experience is not valid, or that God doesn't exist. God would
indeed appear to exist, namely in the form of certain attributes of the
unconscious or subconscious mind which are universally shared by human
beings, and which find all sorts of different forms of expression
throughout history. When somebody feels a sense of God or a divine or
mystical experience the point is not to rubbish it but to find out what it
means. And when you unpack what it means, it is usually a quite normal and
reasonable human experience.
When I was a kid, something like "trance" was something for hypnotists or
indian mystics. But these days it is commonly known that a trance is an
ordinary, everyday, garden-variety human experience, and there is nothing
mystical about it.


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