Was Karl Marx a Satanist?

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Tue Jan 2 19:04:18 MST 2001

> En relación a Was Karl Marx a Satanist?,
> el 2 Jan 01, a las 14:11, Louis Proyect dijo:
>> This school of thought — more of a borstal, really — reaches its
>> absurd conclusion in Was Karl Marx a Satanist?, a bizarre book published in
>> 1976
>> by a famous American hot-gospeller, the Reverend Richard Wurmbrand

Ah yes, Wurmbrand. He's a Romanian Jew who converted to evangelical
Christianity I believe while in prison under the Stalinists. After his
conversion he emigrated to America and spent his time on a dual mission of
trying to convert Jews to Christianity and railing against Marxism as the
work of the anti-Christ. My late father, a Romanian Jew of the same
generation, found his rants quite amusing.


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