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Mervyn Hartwig mh at
Tue Jan 2 21:01:56 MST 2001

>My own view is that there is epistemological stalemate re 'materialism'
>>vs 'idealism', atheism vs theism, etc ie re the existence of God or not.
>>And that, given stalemate, it is rational to trust your own experience,
>>i.e. if you have religious experiences, to believe in God; if not, not.
>>Mervyn Hartwig
>In that case, what's the difference between "critical realism" and
>post-modernism, Rortyesque pragmatism, & other champions of
>"judgmental relativism" & "incommensurability"?

To acknowledge the *fact* of epistemological stalemate is judgemental
rationalism, not relativism, and fully compatible with
'commensurability'. If you don't acknowledge that it is a fact, let's
hear the arguments that it is not - 'prove' ontological materialism to
the list.
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