religion and marxism?

Mervyn Hartwig mh at
Tue Jan 2 21:11:55 MST 2001

George Snedeker writes
>this is just getting interesting.

Not for me George. It's frankly too much of a dog's breakfast.

>Nietzsche was correct that Christianity is
>a denial of life. it denies human life in the name of the next world.

What about the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth? Do you deny that Christ spoke
of it, that it has many similarities with Marx's vision of communism,
and that many Christians believe in its possibility?

>Christianity has had
>2000 years to make something of this world.

Oh right - Christian ideas in command for 2000 years, and they've
stuffed up. Therefore they're wrong. Great Marxism, great logic.

>however can be separated from its use by the Russian nation-state.

But not Christianity from its uses by a range of institutions, of
course. Consistency?

>it is not
>a religion.

Marxism in the USSR (and largely outside it too) accommodated to the
deformities of actually existing socialism (or better perhaps was
appropriated for their defense) and certainly functioned as an official
religion, as it currently does in North Korea. - I know, I know, this is
not 'the real thing'. But that is my point.

>Christians are not free to believe what ever they want they are bound by
>traditions which have operated in their name.

Wherever in history have people been free to believe whatever they want,
George, or have not operated within traditions that constrain as well as
enable? Looks like petit bourgeois ideology to me. It's a free country!

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