Reply on Religion and Marxism: 2

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at
Wed Jan 3 02:35:01 MST 2001

>There is no straight forward prescription that says that religious
>people are not useful for Marxist struggle or they cannot be good  Marxists
>because they are believers. This is an over- pretentious intellectual dogma
>taking the risk of loosing progressive alliances against capitalism and
>other forms of oppression. The point that is that we have to move on and
>regard religion as a _tactical_ question , in the sense of _when_, _how_ and
>_where_ we should  support it and with _what consequences_ instead of
>alienating religious people totally. Only then can we gain common people on
>our side and even transform religion into a more secular mood....

"Common people," however, are not tools for "Marxist struggles."  It
seems to me that it is very presumptuous to argue that "religious
people are _useful for_ Marxist struggle."  There is nothing more
alienating than being reduced to a status of tools.  To maintain &
expand progressive alliances against capitalism, it is best for
Marxists not to imagine ourselves as if we were generals in command
of religious soldiers.

Human beings -- including religious human beings -- are not puppets
for the Marxist theater of imagination.


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