Religion & Counter-Revolution

Jurriaan Bendien j.bendien at
Wed Jan 3 10:45:15 MST 2001

>Yes Jim, I think we basically think the same way.

>It is even possible for people to
>have such experiences, be profoundly
>effected by them while also at the same
>time being skeptical of their cognitive
Yes, I think I would fall in that category myself. I have had these
mystical, transcendental experiences but I wouldn't attach "cognitive
value" to it in your sense of proofs for supernatural phenomena. They just
fall in the category of experiences which I currently cannot explain.
Basically I think sexual and emotional problems, bad diet, drugs, and
unhealthy living generally explain a lot of "out of this world" experiences
that people have.

>I have recently picked up a copy of
>Marx Wartofsky's book on Feuerbach.
Yes, that book is good, I read it many years ago, I think the Reidel edition.
Very few Marxists I know of have actually studied Feuerbach, they just read
some comments on Feuerbach by Marx, for example the Paris Manuscripts or
the 11 Theses. And I always think this is really funny, since, just like
Hegel, Smith and Ricardo, Feuerbach was a major influence on Marx, and
specifically on his understanding of secular humanism. If the CPSU had
understood Feuerbach a lot better, they might conceivably have had a
different policy towards religion in the Soviet Union, and a much better
policy on public morality. One of the fascinating things in the Russian
republics today is how, after half a century of attempts to exterminate
religions there, they're again on the increase. There seems to be a bit
more to the issue than the Institute for Marxism-Leninism thought.

Do you actually know the real reasons why the CCP has banned the Falung
Gong ? I couldn't actually find good information on it.



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