Pascal & Dogma (was Re: Reply on Religion and Marxism: 2)

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Wed Jan 3 15:20:32 MST 2001

Mervyn Hartwig wrote:

> > Linguistic imperialism, of the POMO variety.

Fully agreed with your comments. Actually, this linguistic imperialism is
not only politically alienating, but also very sectarian in progressive
forums like this. Imagine that I take what you write differently or
reconstruct it in hundred possible ways, attaching labels or long quotes at
the top of your post that you have not intended or wanted to say. This is
not only relativistic of the POMO variety, but also very disruptive of
mutual understanding of the kind we need on this list. Sometimes when I see
those long quotes, I just give up my hope. Sense too much linguistic
rhetoric copied from some source, but no appreciation to understand the
partner in dialogue.  Just let it grow..... let it grow..

Thanks Lou and other comrades that we are are tying to build up a solidarity
here. That is what we really need.

I agree with the rest of your post





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