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Well, when the "leader" takes to doing what is
described as his way of bringing practice and theory
together, what can be expected?

--- Louis Proyect <lnp3 at> wrote:
> >Comrades,
> >    Maybe I am seeing things that don't exist...but
> it seems that recently
> >people have been taking to insulting others or
> their stance instead of, or
> in
> >addition to, debating their point intelligently.
> And when I read an insult
> >from on to another, it makes the validity of what
> the insulter says after
> >that questionable.
> >    Lets play nice=\
> >
> >-Chris
> This generally begins to happen when a thread
> exhausts itself. When logic
> and facts fail to persuade, the same arguments are
> repeated but at an
> ever-increasing volume. My suggestion is that unless
> somebody has some new
> insight or information that we begin to move on. The
> discussion has been
> extremely useful and has generated some excellent
> posts, but perhaps it is
> time to turn our attention to other matters.
> Louis Proyect
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