Canadian Indian women "are tired of what's happening"

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Wed Jan 3 20:01:00 MST 2001

Is that why all over Canada you see Chiefs and local
tribal councils mobilizing people against poverty and
for progressive social programs; not to mention being
in the forefront of many social movements together
with the Canadian Labour Congress and its provincial
affiliates? On issue after issue. From healthcare to
housing and unemployment to issues of war and peace
and political repression.

Who mobilized all out for educational campaigns
relating to the United Nations' Universal Declaration
of Human Rights?

Maybe only Mr. Craven is entitled to government
grants, etc, eh?

Maybe you would like to make an issue about how much
chiefs get paid?

I suggest to you Mr. Proyect, that it is people like
you who want to make an issue over how much union
staff get paid, etc. The issue isn't how much the
chiefs get paid, its what they do. And I would be
willing to wager that the overwhelming majority of
chiefs in Canada work very hard in the face of great
adversity and most have nothing to do with what you
call corruption. Show me the facts to back up your
blanket statements.

The ruling class just loves to see these kinds of

How many Blackfoot tribal chiefs are there? How many
stand accused of corruption? How many have been
convicted? How long has the "investigation" been going

Why don't you submit these charges to the specific
chiefs you are referring to and ask them to respond to
what you say via this list?

I'd like to hear their viewpoint.

Maybe they are getting railroaded just like Leonard
Peltier? For your information, I have been on dozens
of reserves and native communities all across Canada,
and I found widespread support for Leonard Peltier,
from the grassroots to the chiefs. And tribal
resources were being used to promote freedom for
Leonard Peltier.

I find your arguments mind boggling and totally
dishonest. Not to mention divisive in the same manner
as Ms. Freed.

You say I know nothing about which I write? I say you
know nothing of the real struggles. You have one
source for your information.... that source apparently
makes his living off "scandals".... I notice you don't
quote from any women who are chiefs.... how come?

Again, I challenge you to tell the readers and
participants what organizations you feel represent the
Native peoples of Canada? Please, Mr. Proyect, the
book writer on this topic.

I wonder why no one makes funds available to
investigate multinational corporate corruption in
Canada? Or corruption in the Liberal Party?

You seem to think that just because someone receives
government funding they are suspect and corrupt.

And, by the way, could you name one chief in Canada
that measures up to what you expect? Just one. Or, in
your eyes are they all sellouts?

I don't dispute what happened historically.... but
what do you propose.... completely dismantling the
system now in place.... that would leave Native
communities at the complete mercy of the kind hearted
Liberal and Conservative governments!

By the way, what political party is funding these
investgations in Alberta? Do you know Mr. Proyect?

Alan Maki

--- Louis Proyect <lnp3 at> wrote:
> Alan Maki:
> >The organization referred to does raise some- not
> many
> >but some, arguments that have merit, however, the
> main
> >purpose of this organization referred to is to
> divide
> >the Native peoples of Canada and weaken their
> >struggle. Many of the chiefs being attacked by this
> >organization are mobilizing their communities in a
> way
> >very similar to the civil rights movement in the
> USA.
> Alan, what in god's name are you talking about? Jim
> Craven, a Blackfoot
> economics professor who is currently organizing a
> tribunal in Alberta and
> who is subbed to this list, has been telling me for
> some 3 years now about
> the same problems that affect his nation. It is the
> same neocolonial
> behavior that one found in Wounded Knee. Traditional
> chiefs use BIA
> connections to overpower dissent. Taking advantage
> of federal funds, they
> take expensive junkets all around the world while
> those at the grass roots
> suffer. Drug dealing, prostitution, police
> malfeasance, thuggery against
> opponents, etc. characterize the Blackfoot tribal
> chiefs, according to Jim,
> and now we have discovered that an investigation
> against the Browning
> reservation police has been launched.
> Louis Proyect
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