Canadian Indian women "are tired of what's happening"

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Wed Jan 3 20:42:12 MST 2001

>Is Mr. Craven being paid to "investigate"? And
>prosecute? Who pays him? Obviously not the tribal
>council. Is it the tribal members?
>Alan Maki

Jim is paid by Clark College--only because they can't fire him. Everything
he has been doing in indigenous struggles for the last 30 years is strictly
unpaid. I myself am a computer programmer at Columbia University. They
would fire me too, but for a different reason. Getting into flame wars on
the alt.politics.socialism.trotsky newsgroup, my guilty pleasure.

I myself have been active in left politics since 1967. After leaving the
Trotskyist movement in 1978, I got involved with Central American
solidarity, first with CISPES and then with an organization called Tecnica
upon whose board I served as president.

Tecnica volunteers worked with Ben Linder, an American engineer who was
killed by Nicaraguan contras while building a dam in the rural north. I
helped to raise the money and the volunteers who brought this project to
fruition. I also organized the volunteers who allowed the ANC in exile to
communicate over secure telecommunications lines to their NYC offices at
the UN. And the volunteers who trained SWAPO in desktop publishing
techniques to use in their successful election campaign in Namibia. Over a
6 year span, Tecnica sent over 500 volunteers to work in Nicaragua and with
the frontline states in Southern Africa. I have consulted extensively in
both regions.

Louis Proyect
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