Canadian Indian women "are tired of what's happening"

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> So what is being said? What is the alternative right
> now, today? Go tell the same thing to the labor
> movement, etc? In all reality... if not the NDP.....
> who? I think some people on this list are afraid of
> reality! That is what I think.
> Alan Maki

this is precisely the problem, Alan. The NDP in both  provincial and federal
districts has positioned itself as the only "left" party of any serious impact and
proceeded to do some unacceptable things on the basis of themselves being the only
alternative. By positing themselves as "the left" they get to define it, by giving up
demands on the means of production or nationalising the banks, for example. They
would never say something seemingly so "radical" as the signature on your email about
the full-text of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights does by mentioning it.

They can screw homeless people, sell out unions and allow environmental destrction
and then turn to the working-class and say "So what are you going to do? Put those
other guys in power? They will truly attack you!" So long as they can play out this
blackmail, they will keep people sheepishly saying "What is the alternative?"

There is a reason I posted the url for the "rebuilding the left" groups. Because
there is no *current* alternative to the NDP. But their simply *must* be one soon.


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