Canadian Indian women "are tired of what's happening"

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Thu Jan 4 07:59:54 MST 2001

>1. What Native organizations in Canada represent
>Native people?

I have no idea. My political experience is in the USA. At one point, I
would have said the American Indian Movement but it was destroyed by a
combination of infighting and government repression. My notion of
indigenous oppositional politics is found in the magazine "Dark Night Field
Notes" upon whose editorial board Jim Craven and Ward Churchill sits. Their
website is at:

>2. Do you know of any chiefs who are not corrupt?
>Please name a couple.

You frame the question in the wrong way. As a Columbia employee, I have
access to Lexis-Nexis, a database of newspaper articles. When you asked me
about corrupt tribal chiefs, I did a search on "Micmac" and "corruption"
and it turned up the Ottawa article I posted yesterday. I chose Micmac
because it was mentioned as a "problem" band in the NY Times article that
provoked this discussion. What is the point to going through every band
mentioned in the article? You asked me to provide some additional facts and
I did so. It seems that given the very specific and very recognizable fight
in the Micmac nation that you would be a bit more circumspect about these

>3. Do you advocate the complete dismantling of tribal
>councils? And, if so, what will replace them? How long
>will this process take? Who and how will Native people
>be represented to deal with the government,
>corporations, and yes--- even universities regarding
>rights and demands for equality and an end to racism
>in admissions and hiring?

In the movie "Burn", the revolutionary leader of the Black peasantry tells
one of his captors that freedom can not be given. It must be taken. That is
my attitude not only toward the Canadian Indian movement, but to all
progressive movements.

>I might also remind you that Native people have had to
>fight like hell for everything, every single step of
>the way... And I would like to see how your position
>would hold up in front of Native people who only in
>the last ten to twenty years have had homes,
>electricity, running water where none of this existed
>before... and there are still many communities that
>don't even have these things that most people in the
>United States and Canada take for granted.


>Unfortunately, Mr. Proycet, you are so narrow and
>ridgid in your thinking and so eager to condemn that
>your views become rather meaningless because there
>aren't too many people in this world you consider
>worthy of your working with for anykind of social
>change. I think this is sad.

Thank you for pointing out the error of my ways.

>Please, you initially raised this issue by posting the
>New York Times article, can't we have some answers?

You don't want answers. You want people to genuflect before you because you
have been a radical activist since the 1960s. Sorry, pal, you are on the
wrong mailing list. We've got people who have been fighting the good fight
since the 1930s here. If you want to beat your chest before a middle-class
audience, try any of the mailing lists on the CSF computers.

Louis Proyect
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