marxism-digest V1 #3061 -- Sean Creaven's Marxism and Realism

Paul Flewers hatchet.job at
Thu Jan 4 08:54:15 MST 2001

Mervyn Hartwig wrote < Yoshie has asked me to post a review of Sean Creaven,
Marxism and Realism: a materialistic application of realism in the social
sciences. Routledge Studies in Critical Realism, Routledge 2000. London and New
York. November. hbk. 325pp, 0 425 23622 3 65 pounds sterling. >   However good a
book may be, the price that Routledge is charging -- 65 pounds, or about 100 US
dollars -- not only puts it out of the range of all but the most rich people,
but also of most libraries, which these days, at least in Britain, are extremely
strapped for cash. Routledge is notorious for over-charging, but many of the
other bourgeois publishers are little better.   Paul F

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